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BFI Film Academy showreel

I was commissioned as a showreel video editor to edit this BFI Film Academy highlights reel by the BFI. The edited showreel was to be shown at the BFI Film Academy partners day help at the BFI Southbank. The aim of the show-reel was to highlight some of the best films created by the young filmmakers and the UK wide partners during the 2013 to 2014 programme.

Selecting the clips

Once commissioned the BFI team sent me over 100 short films and animations to consider for the edit. All of the films and animations were played in real-time so that I could make the best selection. The films that I selected from were supplied either as URL Vimeo or YouTube link or as a hard copy on DVD. I then drew up a list of films which I felt reflected the best of the students work.

High-quality versions

Once I had drawn up a shortlist I requested these films as a better quality or high-resolution ProRes 422 file. I then downloaded these higher resolution files using FTP or via the large data transfer services from the UK partners. Each delivered scene needed re-editing so that I could make a shorter version of the actual film scene. This also made the final show-reel more dynamic. During the course of the edit, I worked with the BFI Film Academy team to ensure the final selection reflected a wide range of subject matter and genres.

Onscreen credits

Once the final edit was completed I added on the name of the film, the BFI partner name and the UK location where they were made. A long list of thanks and partner credits was also added onto the end of the showreel.

Showreel video editor

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