Filming live music

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Central London videographer

Working as a music videographer, I am practised in filming and then editing live music. BBC trained I have over 15 years of experience in video production and post-production. In this case study, I briefly outline the filming of a live musical performance.

Filming for The Irene Taylor Trust

The Irene Taylor Trust commissioned me to film and edit this Music in Prisons promotional show-reel. Platform 7 was playing live on a lit stage at the Royal Festival Hall. For this performance, their set was filmed using two cameras. One camera recorded the wide shots and the second camera recorded the close-ups as Platform 7 sang six different songs.


To start the editing process I first I synced up both the wide-angle and close-up camera shots. Sync sound was recorded on camera and synced up with a mixer desk feed which was kindly supplied by the sound engineers from the Royal Festival Hall. In the edit, I selected the best performance for each song and then edited them together to create this strong promo which illustrates the great performances from each of the band members.

Client feedback

Sara Lee Artistic Director of The Irene Taylor Trust ‘Music In Prisons’ said ” We have made quite a few videos but this promotional film made a difference. We can send a link out so that people can view it online. It has really helped us to explain the great work of the Trust” The Irene Taylor Trust has been working at the forefront of arts and rehabilitation since 1995, bringing creative music projects to men and women of all ages in prisons throughout the UK.

Filming live music

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