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Creative proposal video production

Producing a pitch video can be a highly effective way to help communicate a creative vision to a wider audience. A pitch video can also be used to help seek funding or garner wider support for any kind of creative concept. Working as a freelance video producer and filmmaker, I produce, film and edit high-quality creative films and videos and am always interested in working with creative individuals and artistic teams to help visualise concepts and ideas.

Pitch video case study

This video entitled ‘We Have Always Lived In The Castle’ is a video pitch proposal for a new chamber opera based on Shirley Jackson’s novel. This pitch video has been created to be presented at the Opera Europa conference in Antwerp in April 2019. The hope is that, by introducing this new concept at the conference, interest will be generated in funding this project to commission its production. Originally, at the outset of this video’s production, it was planned to film and edit just the specially written Aria’s performance to help convey the creative interpretation of the lead character from the novel. As the creative ideas for this video project were developed, I suggested filming interviews with some of the creators and character action shots of the main performer so that the concept and ideas about the origination of this proposal could be more fully explained to the viewing audience. All the filming and character sound recording took place with the lead creatives over one day in a private house in East London. Post-production was carried out over several days with detail amends after feedback from the creative team.

How to make a pitch video

In order to develop a strong pitch, you need to tell a story. To help garner interest in any proposed project, a pitch video needs to capture the imagination as well as being interesting to watch. Featuring some of the core people involved can help convey the creative passion and professional skills of the team involved. You might consider demonstrating just a select part of your concept in detail, clarifying why it’s unique or why it is a creative project in the development stages.

Pitch for funding

When making a pitch video, consider both your envisaged and your potential audience. If you are seeking funding for the project, consider the option of targeting known supporters but also think about new areas to be explored for potential funding. Might your projects be suitable for a crowdfunding campaign or even commercial sponsorship? Could your potential funding come from media rights or advertising? By considering the range of potential funding sources before you start your production, you can make sure that the video explains everything in enough details without any other information.

Video production team

For this pitch video, the creative team comprised of:

Composer Orlando Gough

Libretto Timothy Knapman

Direction Orpha Phelan

The character ‘Merricat’ was performed by Aruhan Galieva

Designer Madeleine Boyd

Dubbing mixer Luke Williams

Video Production Julian Langham

If you would like any help with your pitch or video production project, please get in touch.

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