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Promotional video production

Working as a food videographer, I recently filmed and edited two promotional videos for Bio-Tiful Diary.

Video production

Once commissioned for this shoot, my client provided me with a comprehensive brief that explained the details of the content they required. This brief also described a different storyline for each of the two promotional videos.  Both storylines included guidance on:

The setting and style for the shoot

How the video was to begin and the product branding guidelines

Details of the key shots and brand messaging required

Suggested questions to be answered by the presenter

The end board

The brief also contained each products unique selling points and a tasty, quick recipe to make for each of them.

Filming day

Nutritionist Lucy Jones was to be the presenter for both videos. Ahead of the filming, I asked Lucy to bring a choice of plain coloured outfits for the shoot. This then allowed me to select which colour would look best for Lucy within the chosen kitchen set together with the brand colouring of the dairy items to be advertised.

Once my filming and lighting kit had been set up, we rehearsed the filming actions and made any adjustments needed. Two of the team from Bio-Tiful Dairy were on hand to help with the shoot. They also helped ensure that their product messaging presented by Lucy was correct, and they also helped with action continuity and re-setting the set after each take.

For this product shoot, a bright and light domestic kitchen was selected as suitable for filming and had been booked for half a day. During filming in this kitchen space, I found that the natural lighting was not ideal due to the changing weather conditions. There were many glass windows and doors as well as two glass windows in the kitchen ceiling. To control the variable lighting conditions, I first taped white cloth to the doors and windows. This helped to diffuse the occasional bright full sun during a mainly cloudy day. With my own lights set up, I was then able to maintain the lighting at an acceptable level for filming.

I filmed a couple of good takes for each of the different angles chosen and a selection of closer detailed action shots for each product. I also filmed a selection of action shots in slow motion so that I could edit them in if required.

Video Editing

I was required to deliver the two signed-off edits quickly, so I set about editing as soon as possible after filming. This commission’s main challenge was to condense all the required product messaging and product recipe demonstrations into a very short duration for each video.  During the editing process, I liaised with the client to ensure that I made the correct edit decisions for their purposes. In addition, my client required subtitles to be added for both promotional videos to make them more accessible for a wide-ranging audience.

Food videographer

I enjoyed working as a food videographer together with the commissioning team to create two great promotional videos for Bio-Tiful Dairy. The two final videos are bright, friendly and engaging and meet all of the client’s requirements. If you would like any help with your product shoot, please do get in touch.

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