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Funding support video production for The Reader Organisation

The Reader Organisation team commissioned me to produce, film and edit this funding support video production after they had viewed some examples of my previous work.

Funded by the Arts Council

RISE – Reading in Secure Environments is an exciting project between The Reader Organisation and literature festivals across the country. Funded by Arts Council England, RISE brings high-quality, challenging contemporary writers to readers in secure criminal justice and mental health care settings in partnership with an exciting range of literature festivals around the UK. RISE forges a link between dynamic annual literature festivals and a variety of mental health care and criminal justice sites. It brings authors directly to readers who could not otherwise attend festival events.

Quoting for the film brief

After being contacted and talking on the phone I requested an initial brief from my client with an outline of the points the film needed to communicate.  I also needed to know what the expected deliverables were along with their duration. Once I had received more project details I proposed a number of filming days and an estimated editing duration. Together with the expenses like travel costs, I was quickly able to respond to my client with a  breakdown of the estimated total costs.

Supporting my client

Once all these details had been agreed and finalised I received the commission to produce, film and edit this film. I worked with Charlie Darby-Villis who was the project coordinator for this production and supplied the well-written brief. During the production process, I was able to help him with any questions he had and ensured we could deliver the best film possible in the timeframe allocated to The Reader Organisation.

Short film production

For me, the Reading in Secure Environments film is a good example of my wide-ranging producing, filming and editing skills. It illustrates my talent at constructing a narrative in the edit as this film was not storyboarded. With a well written brief avoiding the storyboard process can enable films to be delivered quicker and reduce the overall cost. My wide-ranging production and creative skills as an experienced filmmaker enable me to deliver engaging films to affordable budgets. Other examples of my work that have supported future funding of projects can be seen on the charity section of my portfolio.