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Chipstead Golf Club commissioned this golf club video production to promote their new website with some professional footage following a recent change of ownership. In this case study, I share details of the video production process and an overview of my involvement working both as a self-shooting video producer and editor.

Pre-production planning

My brief was to produce a promotional video for my client’s golf club website. Initially, my client requested that I include action film shots of people playing rounds of golf and footage of the golf course to display its picturesque setting in the North Downs. A great deal of work had been undertaken by Chipstead Greenkeepers, following a long hard winter, to ready the course for the new season. I was briefed that the course was looking its best in June, just ahead of their annual championship and that filming of the course should take place then. After receiving their brief, I recommended using a drone for filming some additional footage to demonstrate their beautiful course in the best possible way. My client agreed to my ideas, and so we set a date for the filming.

Filming with a drone

Once given the go-ahead for the additional filming, I booked a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensed drone operator for the filming day. To ensure that any drone flying complies with current laws, a licensed operator must plan their flight in advance. My licensed drone operator undertook a preliminary site survey. They were also required to survey OS maps and charts and provide a written safety assessment to fly a commercial operation covered by CAA rules. The course landowner was also required to give written permission to fly the drone over his property. Given the course location in a busy surrounding area, the drone operator submitted a CAA flight plan. Drone flying is also weather dependent, and the ideal conditions need to be dry with light winds.

Golf course filming

Before filming, my client asked me to film across two days (instead of just the one day originally planned) to capture some additional activities. These included young people being taught how to play golf and also some professional tuition of adult learners. On the two filming days, the weather was perfect for my filming around the course and ideal for the drone operator with sunny blue skies and light winds. The drone operator captured some great footage, and I filmed a mixture of real-time and slow-motion footage of the course and various activities across the two days.

Scripting a voiceover

Once the filming had taken place, I considered in more detail how best I could edit such a variety of shots together for this golf club video production. Since my client had indicated that no interviews were required to be featured, I suggested the addition of a voiceover script to knit the various elements of the film together in a logical way. I then composed a script to include some detailed information taken from the golf club’s website. Once I had written the script, I sent it to my client to check I had covered all aspects required. After receiving my client’s approval of the script, I recorded the voiceover myself and then used it to edit the best of all the visuals to match the audio. I then selected and added a suitably licensed music track and also the new logos provided for the golf club since its change of ownership.

Golf club video production

This golf club video production now beautifully promotes the Chipstead golf club and course situated in the green and gentle North Downs. The drone shots also help show the course looking at its very best within beautiful surroundings. The aerial views also help communicate its convenient and stunning location. I really enjoyed working with the golf club staff and the drone operator in producing, filming and editing this video which was commissioned to support the golf clubs re-branding. If you would like any help with any aspects of your own video production, please get in touch.

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