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Freelance cameraman

One of my roles, working as an independent filmmaker in the broadcast industry, is that of a freelance cameraman London. During my career as a freelancer, my clients have included some major channels such as the BBC and RTE, multi-national companies, creative and marketing agencies as well as brands and individuals.  With over 10 years of experience of working as a freelance cameraman, I am adept at working on my own initiative and producing high-quality footage to any brief and timescale. For more information on my commissions and filming experience visit my list of previous clients and credits.

Cameraman and editor

My role as a freelance cameraman also combines with my many other roles, including that of video editor, that are required to produce either partial or complete projects on behalf of my clients.  A variety of examples of my filming and editing styles and skills can be seen on my website portfolio. A recent example of my work is the filming of the 2019 Pride in London parade. In this example, I used a tripod at a static position to capture a variety of UHD (ultra high definition) shots that enabled me to produce an interesting and engaging edit. During the editing process, I first edited the best sound bites together and then edited in the best of the shots to match the audio I had selected. The short highlights film I produced is now available on my Vimeo channel.  This video can be embedded onto a supportive website in exchange for a credit and backlink to my website.

Mobile cameraman

In my role as a freelance cameraman, based in Central London, it is important to be mobile and flexible in responding to clients’ requests for filming at many diverse locations. For the majority of my projects, I usually travel independently taking my own filming and sound recording kit. However, I can also arrange for the provision of any additional crew when required. If working in the London area, I have the benefit of using affordable and green public transport when minimal equipment is required or easy access to taxis when more equipment is required. For my commissions outside the London area, I also benefit from being within easy reach of all the major transport hubs and hire car companies for travel throughout the UK and Europe.

Cameraman London equipment

The range of kit I carry varies according to what type of project has been commissioned. My standard basic kit which I maintain on a ‘ready-to-go’ basis, contains a selection of cameras and lenses, sound recording equipment and professional lighting. This also includes different types of camera support (e.g. a range of tripods, fig-rig, slider ) and all the back-up equipment needed (e.g. equipment power options, data cards, cables) to ensure an efficient workflow. Where projects require multi-camera filming, then additional cameras and camera supports are required.

Cameraman and photographer

In my role as a freelance cameraman, my commissions also include producing high-quality photographs as well as the filming of videos. In addition to my commissioned projects, I also produce, film and edit my own royalty free short stock videos. I offer 1920 x10180 HD stock video clips which are free to download as .mp4 versions. I also offer higher-quality HD and UHD ProRes.mov versions of the same files that can be purchased for a small fee.

Video image processing

As an independent filmmaker, I provide additional roles to that of a freelance cameraman London. These include media management, logging and transcribing, preparing files for the edit (including transcoding to different file formats). With the advantage of 1Gb broadband speed, I can offer super-fast file transfers to any destination worldwide.

Camerawork examples

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