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Promotional video production

Working as a London videographer, I enjoy producing, filming and editing promotional films and videos. In this case study, I explain the process involved in creating a personal trainer video.

Personal trainer video production ideas

After an initial e-mail exchange about the brief, Zoran invited me to Train Fitness to discuss his plans for the video in more detail. It was also an opportunity for me to recce the location. The recce also helped me to check out my options for the lighting and filming. Train Fitness is a very smart gym that is also an educational training centre for new gym instructors. In addition to the main gym floor, there are a couple of rooms for studio-based individual and group training exercises. Zoran showed me around the space so that we could discuss filming options. We also discussed different types of exercises that could be filmed. Zoran was keen to feature the Pilates Reformer machine located in one of the studios. Zoran wanted to be filmed using the free weights and the functional trainer for his personal trainer video.

Video production schedule

We devised a schedule for the video that would include filming two people in training on a range of different exercises. The filming would also include an interview with Zoran and some shots of him working out. I would then edit the promotional video from a combination of all this footage. I asked Zoran to consider and write down the main points he wanted to articulate. This would help me ask relevant questions whilst filming his interview. Zoran was also tasked with organising the two models that he would be instructing during filming. Together we planned a schedule for the filming. I sent Zoran some guidelines on suitable clothing for the participants. Our plan was to film late one Saturday afternoon. This meant the gym would be closed and we could have control over the lighting and sound.

Promotional video filming day

On the filming day, I took my kit by taxi to Train Fitness. Zoran and one of the models had brought a variety of clothing options as requested. This was very helpful as we could agree which outfits worked best for filming. To record good quality sound, I fitted a radio microphone to Zoran. We began by filming the exercises that Zoran wanted to showcase in the studio which had a large mirror. This was tricky to contend with as the mirror was set at an angle. It took a quite a bit of experimenting to ensure any camera reflections were avoided. Filming also involved me directing everyone into their best positions for during the exercises. Zoran requested wide shots so that viewers of the video could see all the body movements throughout.

After filming the studio sessions, we moved through to the main gym floor to complete the filming. I had brought extra lights to help light each person and each exercise in the best way. After all the exercises I filmed Zoran’s interview using a list of prepared questions. The filming day all went very smoothly. I was pleased that I had more than sufficient footage for the edit.

Starting the video post-production

Once back at my editing base, I transferred all the camera files onto my RAID 5 hard drives. Then I made a separate copy so that all the media was totally safe and secure. I then transcoded the camera .mov files into Avid friendly DNx media for editing. The next part was to sync up the high-quality sound recording to the camera images. After this process, all the camera and sound files were fully synced up, and the editing could begin.

Editing the promotional video

I first approached this edit my watching the interview with Zoran and editing out any non-essential sync. This then left me with a long edit of all available sync. After making a copy of this edit, I then continued to edit it to a shorter length. Eventually, I ended up with the best interview for the video. I then took the same approach to editing down the many different exercises. I decided it would be best to edit together the interview along with sound from the exercises. Over time I edited together a succinct timeline that I thought best reflected Zoran and his skills. I then edited together the opening frame and end frames with titles, credits and logos. The final processes then required were to colour-grade the visuals. I also finely mixed the sound to the most suitable levels.

Promotional video sign off

I uploaded the video to my Vimeo channel and sent a link to Zoran so that he could view it. I was very pleased to hear that he was delighted with the edit and did not require any changes. The amount of time I invest in all of my projects means most of my clients are happy with the edited versions. After sign off from Zoran, I sent him the final link so that he could embed the video into his website homepage. A 60-second version of the personal trainer video was also edited for Instagram.

I enjoyed the whole process of making this personal trainer video. I think it’s informative, communicates Zoran’s professionalism and is also visually appealing. Qualities which are all essential for a Personal Trainer. Thanks to Train Fitness who were happy to allow us to film in their beautiful gym. You can find out more about Zoran via his personal trainer website.

More examples of my promotional video production can be viewed in my portfolio. If you would like any help or advice around creating your own promotional video, please get in touch. I would be delighted to help you.