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Opera Zuid promotional YouTube video for Un Ballo in Maschera

This Opera Zuid promotional YouTube video was filmed and edited to promote their current touring production. Un Ballo in Maschera toured the Netherlands for 15 nights with one night’s performance in each theatre. This promotional video is one of a set of four short video trailers that I edited after filming for two days during their dress rehearsals in Eindhoven.

Filming the trailer

This trailer features an interview with a young dramatic soprano Jannelieke Schmidt. Jannelieke talks about her role and the story of the opera as she sees it. Jannelieke was the perfect interviewee. She possesses a beautifully natural and happy persona and is passionate about opera.

Aesthetics of the shot

I filmed Jannelieke in her dressing room at Park Theater in Eindhoven as she had just arrived to prepare for the dress rehearsal. I’m really pleased with the aesthetics of the shot. Jannelieke was wearing a pleasing mustard coloured knitted top which matched well with her hair and co-ordinated well with the dressing room colours.

Lighting the interview

The dressing room had a wide but narrow high-level window designed to protect the occupant’s privacy. For the interview filming, I positioned Jannelieke to face the window and then used a Dedo spotlight to light the edge of her shoulder and hair so the interview is beautifully lit.

Editing the trailer

Jannelieke’s interview lasted for about 10 minutes and so I had to edit down the best part of this into a shorter trailer. I loved hearing and seeing Jannelieke explain her perspective on the opera’s story and so knew that I wanted to use this but to edit it into a more concise form. To help the audience’s understanding of the characters described in the interview I edited in the best shots of them from the two days’ filming. I think this really helps people, who are not familiar with the storyline, to understand what’s happening during the different stages of the opera.

Opera Zuid promotional YouTube video

This trailer incorporating Jannelieke’s interview was used to help promote this touring production on theatre websites and by social media.  You can read more about the work of Opera Zuid via their website.

As a London based videographer and filmmaker, I am frequently commissioned to film and edit projects across Europe as well as around the UK.

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