Video production

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High-quality video production

With over 15 years of industry experience, I have a passion for sharing my video production knowledge and skills with all of my clients.

Video pre-production

To ensure the best results from any planned production, it’s always best to discuss your film or video requirements as early as possible. I’m interested in discussing future projects and offering my free advice and a professional perspective.

Case study Opera Zuid marketing videos

Recently, Opera Zuid commissioned me to deliver a package of filmed and edited videos for their production of Verdi’s ‘Un Ballo in Maschera’ (A Masked Ball). This video production case study features an interview with Luis F. Carvalho. Luis was working as the set and costume designer for Un Ballo in Maschera. In this video, we gain insight into the sheer ingenuity of design required for the quick installation and transport of the stage sets from one location to another. The video also demonstrates the wide range of personal skills required by the creative team involved working for Opera Zuid’s interpretation of Un Ballo in Maschera.

Video production on location in Eindhoven

An opportunity to film the processes of this production occurred while the Opera Zuid team were setting up, rehearsing and presenting their opera in the Parktheater, Eindhoven. I was able to spend two full days filming with Opera Zuid in Eindhoven, working on my initiative, with full access to all their preparations. I shot two full dress rehearsals, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with some members of the cast and production team. Each day’s central performance was filmed with two cameras. For this, I used one camera locked off on a static wide shot in the auditorium. I filmed with the second camera, using both a monopod and tripod, alternating between stage-left and stage-right positions. At the end of each filming day, I backed up the filmed media onto a separate back up hard drive to ensure media security.

Post-production in London

On returning to my edit suite in London, I immediately started editing the first of a set of four promotional videos. The first 1-minute trailer was signed off by the Opera Zuid production team in Eindhoven on the same day as I returned to London. I sent my client a public link to each edited video uploaded to my Vimeo channel. This enabled them to share the edited video with all the theatres that were to be hosting their production while they toured through the Netherlands. The theatres also used the edited videos for advance advertising by embedding and uploading them into their websites and social media sites.

Freelance videographer and filmmaker

Working as a videographer, I very much enjoy helping to promote beautiful productions and the range of talents supporting their creation. It’s been a joy to film and edit this set of videos working with such a talented team. The videos offer a reflection of all the passion and effort that has enabled their enactment of these beautiful operatic performances. I very much hope to work with this company of artists again shortly.

Examples of my work

Here some more example of my video production work.

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