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Working as a freelance videographer, I receive commissions from my clients to produce their product video production. I was commissioned by company owner Nichola Adams to make a series of three promotional and marketing films for Corrigo Ergonomic Chairs.

Producing promotional films

The aim of the three films was to demonstrate the unique ergonomic properties of Corrigo chairs. The first film (shown above) was the ‘Corrigo Chairs promotional film’ that explains the chairs benefits and illustrates the range of options available.

Working as a product video producer I advised Nicola on what a suitable location which she then located. Once the location had been secured, we agreed on a suitable filming date. I then booked the hire of the jib arm for delivery. The filming day all went smoothly. I was able to show Nichola the shots on the day so that she could make sure she was happy with the visual aesthetic.

Additional films

To make the most of the day’s resources I also filmed and edited another film called ‘How to set up your Corrigo ergonomic chair’ which explains how to set the chair up correctly. Using a mixture of filmed live-action with on-screen text the training film guides you through the adjustment process.

The third and final film that I produced was called ‘ Why the experts recommend Corrigo ergonomic chairs’. It features Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist Kam Sowman who explains how the chairs three special features combine to offer better support.

These three YouTube videos that I produced were all filmed on the same day using a camera on a jib arm using a mixture of daylight and balanced tungsten lights.  I loved the Corrigo chairs so much that I bought one and find that it offers me perfect support in my edit suite.

Product video production

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