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Social media promo editing

Recently, I was commissioned as a promo editor to create a promotional trailer for inclusion on the website homepage of unit-e.today. The 60-second video was also to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites.

Initial edit inquiry and estimate

In response to an initial email enquiry with an outline brief, I provided an estimated quote to deliver the project. In my emailed response to my potential client, I also posed a few questions about the details of the project. These were to clarify what elements were needed to deliver the promo as the client required. To illustrate my suitability for the role of promo editor, I also sent a link to an example of a similar promo that I had previously edited.

Commissioned as promo editor

Then, after being commissioned as the promo editor, I suggested search terms and websites where my client could find the required stock images and production music, which could be suitably licenced if required. Additionally, I also suggested which resource websites to avoid so as not to incur very expensive licencing costs. Over time and via a series of emails, my client shared a selection of images and music and asked me for feedback on their suitability. My client also supplied the outline voiceover script and, by working together, we were able to improve upon it.

Editing the promo and recording the voiceover

Once my client had determined the final selection of stock images and music tracks, the links were downloaded to me so that I was able to start editing these together into the promotional trailer. My client also required a voiceover to be in a deep, male English voice. So, after speaking on the phone, I was also asked to do this.  I recorded the initial script voiceover in my studio and then edited that into the timeline. At that point, a few adjustments were needed to the script to fit it into the 60-second duration of the video. I suggested some alternative ideas for the script. My client then fed back with their script preferences so that it could all work into the video timeline.

Editing subtitles, text and graphic elements

To make the promo more accessible to a wider audience, subtitles were to be added to the video. So that these could be read easily, I applied a diffused black transparency layer over the video and under the white text. The client also supplied an opening logo and the closing text element to edit over the images used. For the end board, I used one of my shots of the sun rising over London that I had filmed during high summer.

Final signoff

When the edit was completed, I uploaded the final version to my Vimeo channel for my client to view and sign-off. After a few detailed text changes, the promotional trailer was signed off. I then delivered a suitable digital file to my client for upload to their website and social media channels.

Working as a promo editor on this project was highly rewarding for me as I was able to help my client realise their creative vision. I also enjoyed our friendly and efficient communications.  My client was pleased with the result and left me a very nice Google review as thanks for my good work.  As a BBC trained video editor, I have over 15 years of experience of editing all types of genres. More examples of my editing skills can be viewed in my portfolio.

If you would like any help with the editing of your video project, please do get in touch.