Social media marketing

Social media marketing videos are a powerful way to communicate your message on the platforms of your choice. Working as a freelance videographer I produce, film and edit social media marketing videos that promote my clients’ brands and projects.

Case study

In this case study, I explain the production process for a recent social media marketing campaign. The aim was to use specially-shot video to help promote the talents of stand-up comedian John Pendal. This video marketing campaign was scheduled to support his upcoming comedy show ‘We Are Family’ at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


After discussing this project with John, I suggested a creative solution for the video production that worked for us both. I also made some other recommendations for what might work best for John. He then proceeded to write a series of great scripts, one for each video. He then sent me a link to access his Dropbox folder where he had uploaded his show’s resources.  This Dropbox link enabled me to download a large number of photographs, documents and graphics that would all be of help in the edit.

Directing the filming

I planned to film John’s pieces in front of a green screen background. Keying in the edit would enable me to create a series of visually different videos by adding various colours to each one. John brought a selection of outfits and together we agreed which would work best for each video script. After adjustments to the setup and lighting, I began the filming. John was great in front of the camera and quickly delivered the perfect take for each script. We filmed a variety of different performances for all of the scripted material. I directed John to perform some funny faces and movements close to a wide-angle lens. Some additional footage was recorded that would help give me creative flexibility while editing.

Editing and delivery

Once I had copied all the 4K camera files onto my backed-up media storage, I started editing together each script. I aimed to deliver a series of videos each with a duration of fewer than 60 seconds. Short durations allow me to upload these social media marketing videos to all required platforms including Instagram. For each of the four edited videos, I edited in a different coloured background. A selection of John’s photographs needed to feature in each timeline. John selected a music track that worked very well for all of the videos. Once I was satisfied with the finely crafted editing, I sent John a link to view each one, and then I made a few edit changes that he requested.

Subtitles for accessibility

Once the vision was complete, I added easily-readable subtitles to the lower bottom edge for each of the four videos. Increasingly, I am using these in my video productions as they help to reach a wider audience. Subtitled text allows people to understand what is being communicated in noisy environments and also when viewers are not able to listen to or hear the sound. These can also help ESL (English as a second language) speakers to understand the contents of the audio more easily.

Social media marketing

Liaising with John a sequenced release schedule of the videos for Twitter and Instagram was agreed. I managed the uploading of all four videos to those channels for John while he was in Edinburgh. John sent me the textual content to add for each of his uploads. I added a different set of keywords and hashtags for each of the uploads on my social media channels. Another great benefit of social media marketing is that the content gets shared by any followers who also end up boosting the promotion. The same marketing videos also provide opportunities with paid-for advertising. Social media marketing videos can stay online for any duration, so each video’s views then continue to grow over time.

Uploading video

For this series of marketing videos, I also uploaded a high-resolution ProRes 422 HD version to both Vimeo and YouTube. The ProRes version ensured that the highest quality file is available at all times on these channels. The uploading of these videos onto YouTube allowed John to share the hyperlinks with his marketing network. One of the many benefits of using social media marketing is the ability to optimise the timing of any video promotion.

Social media marketing videos

Here are the links to all four videos that I filmed and edited to promote John Pendal’s show ‘We Are Family’. I’ve also detailed how the videos were released on different social media channels at different times.

Pink version – the 1st video was released on Twitter and Instagram just before the Edinburgh Festival started and shared on John’s own Facebook channel four weeks beforehand.

Blue version – the 2nd video was released on Twitter and Instagram in the first week of the Edinburgh Festival and shared on John’s own Facebook channel two weeks beforehand.

Yellow version – the 3rd video was released on Twitter and Instagram two weeks into the Edinburgh Festival.

Orange version – the 4th version was released on Twitter and Instagram media three weeks into the Edinburgh Festival.

When I was working as a video editor for the BBC, I frequently edited specially shot promotional material into 30-second and 60-second promos for BBC programme promotion. So that experience is now proving very useful in creating similar length versions for the current demands of social media platforms. I utilise my well-tuned editing skills to help promote my clients’ products or causes.

Social media marketing other examples

Examples of where some social media marketing has been supported by my filmed and edited content include; Switchboard LGBT+ helpline, Natives a new play by Boundless Theatre Company, Coronet International Festival and a personal video portrait.

If you would like any help to create your own video productions for social media marketing, please get in touch – I am always ready to provide assistance and advice.