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How a video portrait can help you

In the world today the most influential and effective way you can introduce yourself and your skills is with video.  A tailor-made personal video portrait could be a private and intimate reflection of you. Or, your video portrait could also be a confident and bold promotion that the whole world can see. Attract the attention you deserve.

Professional video portraits

A video portrait advertises your personality as well as your professional services and skills. As a filmmaker, I create bespoke films and video that communicate to the audience of your choice. Your personal video portrait can help you develop the connections that you are searching for. Being able to share your own personal introduction video puts you in control of your image. Control over how and where you communicate and share your key promotional messages.

Personal video portraits

Your video portrait can be used as a unique way to introduce yourself to someone you desire. You might like to use your video to secure a future date or even a potential partner. You might want to share your introduction video publically on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Or, perhaps choose to reveal your video privately on dating websites and applications when the moment is right for you. A personal video portrait can help you develop a greater range of interesting connections and conversations. It could help you develop new friendships with the people of your choice.

“Working with Julian was a great experience. I was made to feel comfortable in front of the camera, something I am not used to” Samuel Thomas

Video portrait options

With my wide-ranging creative and professional skills, I can film you in an endless variety of different ways. I can then edit the filmed footage into your video portrait in any particular style. The filming might include an informal chat out on location or something beautifully filmed in your home. I can work with you to deliver you the perfect video.  Check out my website portfolio to see the many different examples of my work.  Some ideas for your video portrait might include:

Interview style:  A straightforward chat with you whilst being filmed. Communicate who you are and share the best attributes of your personality

Observational and documentary:  Feature aspects of your day and life showing events with a mixture of interviews and dialogue. Explain what you are doing and why. Describe what interests you, your life goals, ethos, attributes and skills. 

Promote the beautiful you:  I can film stylish and creative images of you at the location of your choice. Share what do you want to celebrate about yourself. Promote yourself by doing something you enjoy.

“On top of being a really nice guy, Julian is professional, enthusiastic and great to work with” Jodie Jackson

Video portrait production services

My video portraits are produced to a very high standard. Additional services, like hair, makeup or costumes can also be provided for any filming day. Props and set design can also be provided if you want to realise a unique creative ambition.

Confidential and dedicated trusted service

I offer my fully confidential and discreet professional skills to help you move your ambitions forward. My filming and editing services can be provided either at your home or any location. Signed non-disclosure agreements can be supplied upon request if required.

Open the door to your future world with a video portrait

If you would like your very own video portrait produced please get in touch. I would be delighted to discuss any ideas you may have.

Please get in touch if you would like a personal introductory video or to discuss your ideas further. More examples of my work can be viewed in my portfolio.