Video editing services

Video editing services by ex-BBC editor

With over 15 years of experience working as a freelance video editor, I offer a wide range of video editing services. The projects that I specialise in editing include promotional 30-second videos through to short films and longer documentaries as well as everything in between. I deliver to all platforms and any required technical specification from broadcast channels through to social media. My passion for editing highly-crafted films and videos also extends to other areas of post-production. For more information on my previous experience download my video editor CV or view the full list of my video editing credits.

Video editing services case study

Recently, I was commissioned to edit a series of quick-turnaround promotional videos by a London agency to help promote an imminent Arts Festival that was taking place in Central London.  Here I explain the process of editing a series of videos as it is helpful to understand ahead of commissioning any video editing.

Marketing agency editing

Initially, I was emailed a video brief and asked to provide an estimate to carry out the editing work required for delivering six social media promotional videos. The video brief included the number and duration of all the videos required and a detailed list of information about the festival and all its participants, what was expected of the deliverables and the technical specifications. I responded with an email to my client by detailing how the project could be edited together, what data I would need, the timeframe I could work too and an outline of the estimated costs. I also sent some links to previous examples of my video editing work for similar projects and outlined my professional editing background.

Winning the commission

After being successfully commissioned to edit these promotional videos, I was provided with a series of links to download the relevant festival graphics, design and font information. Also, I received some photographs and video media that had already been supplied to the venue by some of the artists who would be performing at the festival.

Starting the edit

Initially, I started working on the main 60-second version so that I could start to get a sense of how to edit the various components together. My client supplied me with an order of priority and, after a phone discussion, we mutually agreed how much time should be given to each artist’s segment during the videos. Once I had edited together the graphics, photographs, and videos that I had been supplied with, I then edited on the correct textual elements for each segment. I then compressed the edit timeline into a .mp4 file so that I could upload the first example to my own Vimeo channel to share the first edit viewing with my client. At this stage, the video had black spaces left in it while awaiting some media yet to be provided and to be subsequently inserted.

Music for editing

Once I could see how the edit was taking shape, I searched online for some suitable production music that would meet the brief of ‘contemporary classical’ for the soundtrack. I sent my client links to a strong selection of musical options and, after some further considerations, we both agreed on one preferred track to licence and download so that I could add it to the current edit at that time.

Edit sign-off and video delivery

Over the following days, the edit was continually updated with additional stills and videos as the files were gradually provided. I then sent my client examples of how the main edit was progressing so that they could share it with interested parties for any feedback. As the 60-second version neared completion, I then started editing the 3 x 30-second and  2 x 15-second versions in the order required to include relevant topical sections copied from the longer version. After the six promotional trailers had been formally signed off, I sent the client the videos as 1920 x1080 .mp4 files suitable which were then uploaded to YouTube and used for sharing on social media. These videos helped to promote The Coronet International Festival at The Print Room.

If you would like any help or have any questions about my video editing services, please do get in touch. More examples of my work can be viewed in my portfolio.