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Video editing by BBC trained editor

Working for the BBC, I started video editing in the late 1990’s. I now work as a freelance video editor working for a wide range of businesses, charities, individuals and producers. At the BBC I edited whole programmes from 15 minutes to 50 minutes in duration. I was also employed to edit 15-second to 60-second trailers promoting programmes.

Freelance video editor

In 2009 I left the BBC to develop my freelance career. I am now working as a successful freelance editor and filmmaker. Having edited and delivered over 150 hours of films and videos I consider myself to be a highly experienced and efficient editor.

New commission

Over a five year period, I filmed and edited a series of films for the Koester Trust charity. The Koester Trust runs an art award scheme for offenders, secure patients and detainees. They also run a mentoring programme for ex-offenders. In 2014 I filmed and edited a 19-minute film for the Koester Trust about their mentoring programme. Once this film had been delivered, I was commissioned to edit a shorter 3-4 minute version of the same film for sharing online and social media.

Editorial decisions

This 3-minute version of the main 19-minute film explains the programme in brief and features interviews with some of the people currently involved. Being a shorter version it still needed to communicate the main elements that the longer film covered.  The film features the journey of a mentee that is starting out through to mentee that has attained a higher level with the programme.

Film ethos

The film (which was funded by The Cabinet Office) explains how the project safeguards everyone involved and demonstrates the responsible ethos of mentee programme. It also illustrates the positive, emotional, skill-based and life-developmental results of the programme.

Long film launch

The long version of this film was launched at Festival Hall in London on 3rd November 2014 to an invited audience. The film showing supported the publication of The Arts of Desistance: Evaluation of the Koestler Trust Arts Mentoring Programme for Former Prisoners by Dr Leonidas Cheliotis, Assistant Professor of Criminology, LSE. This research was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, which has also been the major funder of the mentoring programme.

All the music featured in the film was selected from musical entries to the 2014 Koestler Awards, and a full list of credits can be seen at the end of the film. If you would like any help with your video editing project, please get in touch.