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How a website video was produced

Website video production can be tailored especially for you. Bespoke video on your website will promote your skills and services to a wider audience. With over 15 years’ experience in digital video production, I now work as a filmmaker and video producer creating website videos and films for a wide range of clients.

Hypnotherapy website video production case study

A recent example of a website video production that I have produced, filmed and edited was for Malvia Kenlock. Malvia is a qualified hypnotherapist who specialises in alternative healing techniques. Malvia was keen to promote her skills and services to a wider audience.  She wanted a video that could be uploaded to YouTube and embedded onto her website. Malvia was also looking for versions of varying durations that could be uploaded and shared via different social media sites.

Initial consultation

At the start of the website video production process, Malvia and I talked on the phone and discussed the project’s aims. Before we began to work on the project, I needed to learn about the therapeutic hypnotherapy process. This would ensure that I could understand how this could be communicated via a website video. I then asked Malvia to consider and write down the main points that she wanted to communicate. Malvia sent me an e-mail with the main points so I could ensure they would all be covered during the filming sessions. After this first phone consultation, I conducted some further research on the subject. I also searched to see how other hypnotherapists were using video on their websites. It quickly became apparent that the use and quality of existing videos in this field are really quite low.

Developing website video production ideas

Over a period of several days of researching the subject, I began to formulate some creative ideas that I thought would work well for this video. I always find it very helpful to think things through for a few days and to consider ideas over time. For me, giving concepts some thinking time always results in a better range of creative ideas to any problems which may present themselves.

Using a Chroma key background for filming interviews

For this hypnotherapy promotional video, I thought that filming an interview with Malvia in front of a green screen would work very well. This would then allow me to purchase some stock video footage that would help me to communicate the relaxing nature of a hypnotherapy session. I researched what backgrounds might convey a sense of relaxation. I sent Malvia a link to that she could have a look through a selection. Malvia then selected which of the options would best suit the message she wished to communicate.

Filming extra footage

In addition to the filming of an interview with Malvia, I also planned to film a couple of ‘dummy’ hypnotherapy sessions using actors. These images would help to illustrate what happens when a session takes place with Malvia. Potential clients, watching the video, would hopefully then feel more confident about exploring the process themselves. This would also help to allay any fears or preconceived ideas they might have about therapeutic hypnotherapy.

Consulting with clients

After sharing my ideas and my concept for the video with Malvia, I was given the green light to proceed. We scheduled a filming date that would enable us to capture everything required on the same day. I thought that editing in a music bed would also help to convey a relaxed atmosphere for this and so we sourced a suitable track that could be licensed for it.

Filming and editing

The actual filming and the post-production editing processes for this website video production took place over several consecutive days. Once I was happy with it I showed it to Malvia and her professional marketing advisor. Both of them were delighted with my first edit. I was very pleased that no changes were required as this demonstrated my ability to deliver to their brief. In addition to the main 2-minute video, I also edited a 60-second version that could be uploaded to Twitter and Instagram. The final videos help to convey how hypnotherapy can benefit people. The videos also help to demystify the process whilst introducing Malvia’s professional therapy skills. I’m really pleased with the results of this website video production and look forward to hearing how it is helping Malvia to gain new clients.

The final video has now been uploaded to the Malvia Kenlock YouTube channel. If you would like any help with your project I would be delighted to hear from you. More examples of my work can be viewed in my video portfolio.