Understanding business video production

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Having spent over 15 years in the field of business video production I have all the experience necessary to help my clients understand what is required for their video production process. Working as a self-shooting video producer, I direct, film and edit all types of films and videos efficiently to help my clients who work either in the ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) or ‘Business to Consumer’ (B2C) sectors to both communicate and promote the aims and objectives of their businesses.

Business video and film production

As a dedicated, passionate and experienced producer and filmmaker, I work directly with my wide range of different business clients to offer them a complete video production service. My role is to guide my clients through the process, realise their creative aspirations in an efficient manner and deliver them bespoke projects of the highest quality to any agreed timescale.

Single point of contact

With my initial extensive BBC training and my following years of experience as a freelancer, I have the ability to simplify the communication and management process of the whole business video production process throughout all its stages (pre-production, production and post-production) for all of my clients.

High-quality video production can help clients to raise awareness of their businesses with potential clients, increase business profits, bring trust to their brands, increase audience engagement and sales conversions on pages your target audience visits as well as helping with your brand’s search engine ranking and search engine optimisation (SEO).

My business video production services can provide a varied range of films and videos with specific durations to suit any particular business requirements and include:

Corporate video production

‘Live’ action filmed then edited into short films can assist with recruitment drives, staff training and also with internal and external company communications. Case studies can feature your team in action making your content more authentic and elevating your team.

Training video production

Training videos can help you to communicate training objectives in a more engaging way. You might be introducing new products or services, demonstrating a new system, helping your team with their development or looking to improve customer service skills. Training videos have the advantage that they can be viewed on-demand at any time at any location.

Promotional video production

Raise your companies’ profile and engagement with one or a series of marketing trailers and promotional videos for sharing across your online channels and on social media.

Talking heads video production

Share a concise message from one of your team by filming and editing a talking head based interview. Talking head based interviews can be filmed with one or more cameras.

Event video production

Documenting events involving your business to help with training, communication and promotion. Producing shorter edited event highlight films and recap videos for sharing with a wider audience via social media.

Streaming event production

As well as streaming ‘live’ content to an invited or global audience you can also pre-record these events to allow for post-production and editing. Pre-recording and then editing content gives you greater control editorially and your company messaging before the final broadcast release. Edited video content can be streamed on any suitable platform at any planned time. For more information read my blog article Streaming video production: How it works

Business branding and graphic design

Specific branding, logos and graphics can also be created to suit your business. Photographic and 2D animations can also work well along with animated explainers to help communicate complex messages in a fun and engaging way.

Examples of business video productions

Examples of previous business video production projects that I have delivered include webinar video production for the medical sector, property video production for developers, product training video production for product launches, industry seminar films, event videography for the retail sector and worked as an awards videographer for business awards ceremonies. For some of my previous clients, I have been required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure no publicity, which I am happy to do if required.

For any business owners considering the production of a bespoke video, I can offer initial advice and provide quotes without obligation. Please do get in touch via my contact form or direct email with any questions.

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Julian Langham

Julian started his career in media in 1994; shortly after Julian was invited to join the BBC where he was quickly promoted to Editor. Julian left the BBC to develop his freelance career in 2009. Highly-practised and skilled in constructing engaging narratives, Julian’s key strength is his ability to produce strong visually-led stories. In his work, Julian shares his passion for creating powerful synergies between story content, visual rhythm and music.

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