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Recently, I was commissioned to film and edit this property video production for Think Publicity, a leading Communications Agency with offices in Liverpool and London.  This video production was targeted to help promote the sale of newly refurbished art deco inspired apartments in a premier building conversion located in Brixton by featuring beautiful shots from inside and around the building.

Property video marketing

To communicate their marketing concept to me, the Agency sent me their initial brief. This consisted of a series of videos they had selected to demonstrate the ideas and style of footage they envisaged for this new project. The overall summary of their brief was to create a short ‘point of view’ (POV) video to feature a day in a typical resident’s life, to be portrayed by an actress living in one of these 2-bedroomed luxury apartments in Brixton. In addition to shots of the actress within the furnished show apartment of the property development, the video was also to feature location shots filmed within Brixton town centre’s immediate vicinity. Editing together this variety of filmed footage would help to communicate the benefits of living in this stylish development centrally located in a well-connected and dynamic location and having very convenient transport links to the whole of London, including the City and beyond.

Video production

Once the Agency had commissioned me for the video production, they sent me a list of suggested actions to film in the apartment and which Brixton locations they had chosen to shoot the actress. Initially, they planned that the video would feature two actors I could film while enjoying one of the beautiful apartments and then stepping out to explore the amenities in the local area. To help ensure the project’s success, I offered some production advice to my client and recommended that the shoot should happen on a blue-sky sunny day to show the apartment building and surrounds at their best.

Property videography

For this project, I had to remain flexible and available as we waited through a period of grey-sky days for a suitable blue-sky weather day to appear. My client then changed their plan of including two actors and requested instead that I should actually participate in the film itself as though I was the friend of the actress videoing what was taking place. On the actual filming day, I filmed all the actions that they required while participating with suitable camera movements, e.g. checking the time. As part of my videography services for this project, I also directed the actress and filmed the required actions and shot list over one day within the apartment and the local community. At each stage of filming, I showed my client’s representative the recorded images so each selection of shots could be signed off as we went along. After filming, I then edited the best shots and added a music track the client had supplied. After the client viewing of my final edit, I was then asked to substitute the music with a different track to replace the original they had selected. No other alterations were required before the client happily signed off the project.

Property videos for estate agents

As shown above, the final video has now been uploaded to YouTube and embedded into the home page of Brixton Centric, who had commissioned the video via the Think Publicity Agency and are marketing the newly refurbished apartments within the Ivor House development. If you would like any video production with the marketing of your property developments, please get in touch when I will be happy to offer any help or advice as required.

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