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Showreel production

My London videographer 2016 showreel was edited from a selection of favourite shots from recent projects. Working as a videographer I have a passion for filming and editing high-quality footage into beautiful films and videos. In this article, I explain how this showreel was edited.

Latest videography showreels

For your further reference here is my latest videographer London showreel 2021 and here is my longer videography showreel from 2019 which were edited after this 2016 article was composed. Both of these newer showreels were edited with the same principles that I’ve laid out below.

Sourcing production music

In the beginning, I spent a day online searching across a wide range of websites for the most suitable music track for this showreel project. I really wanted to find an upbeat track with lyrics that I could safely licence so that I could upload it to YouTube to promote my work online. I started looking at music sites like Audiosocket, Premium Beats and the Creative Commons section on SoundCloud. Eventually, I found just the track I was looking for on BeatPick, which was a new site for me. The track cost £60 to licence indefinitely for use in my online showreel.

Audiosocket and BeatPick were both sites I had not come across before. They both contained some great tracks and so I will be revisiting them to find more great music for my future films and video productions. Both sites have great search facilities and their music can be licensed for a wide range of projects.

Selecting favourite shots

Once I had licensed the selected music for my London videographer showreel I proceeded to choose the best shots to use. All my previous projects and showreels are all stored and backed-up on my RAID 5 and archived hard drives. Initially, I edited together a collection of varied shots filmed over the last two years. Looking back on my previous showreels, I also realised that some of my previous works were quite unique and deserved a place in this showreel.

Promoting diversity

Over time, I re-edited the content by moving the order around, selecting and editing in shots from other projects and also discarding some shots from the original selection. I was keen to show the breadth of projects that I have produced and also the wide variety of locations and activities that I have filmed. I also wanted the showreel to illustrate the wide-ranging and diverse cultures and people who I have been fortunate to work with and promote during the commissions I have been awarded.

Editing to music

I really love editing to music and this London videographer showreel was a really great project for me to edit, especially as this great track was so upbeat and fun to work with. You really do want to be editing with a track that you enjoy when producing this kind of showreel as you get to listen to it so many times! After editing the showreel, I sent it to a group of friends and supportive colleagues and asked them for their feedback. From their responses, I gained some more helpful advice and perspective which resulted in me adjusting the edit further. This experience of editing for my London videographer showreel has really benefited from seeking opinions from others.

London videographer showreel

Everyone views and understands video media in different ways. Gaining insight and understanding of these differences were key in helping me to edit together this reel to make it as strong as it could be which will help me to promote my video production skills, services and ethos. I’ve really enjoyed editing together this showreel that includes some of my best shots from projects that I have produced and filmed over the last few years. If you would like any help with your video production please get in touch.