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To start the New Year and to provide an update from my previous version, I’ve produced my latest videography showreel. This new showreel features many of my favourite shots from some of my wide range of commissions which took place between 2016 to 2018. I aim to demonstrate the range of skills required as a creative professional with extensive video production experience. Also, to show examples of my own personal and unique visual style and creativity. It’s been a real pleasure to edit together some incredible and enjoyable moments from all my own footage into a fast-paced 3-minutes video with the addition of two great music tracks.  I’m particularly pleased with the showreel finale, which is great fun to watch.

Skills and services

My new videography showreel shows many of the beautiful visuals that I captured during many projects’ filming in the last three years. It also reveals my production skills, services and ethos derived from my involvement with so many interesting, talented and experienced people. To follow the opening frame, I’ve edited together a ‘visual effects’ sequence revealing multiple live-action images representing the diverse nature of the many films and videos that I have delivered during this time. For each of the projects selected in this showreel, I’ve edited on text captions to identify them, to reference what I did for each of them and to enable prospective clients to follow up on specific shots they may be interested in. My involvement can be in part or for the whole of any project. The skills involved in video production are many and various, including involvement in the process of planning and filming together with subsequent editing, grading, sound mixing, visual effects and titling. As a solo freelancer, this showreel features some of my on-location and studio-based filming using single or multiple cameras. It also includes examples of green-screen and chroma-key filming, illustrations of composite multi-layered visual effects, sound mixing and subtitling.

Videography showreel sections

For this videography showreel, and because my work covers such a wide mix of projects, I’ve combined the examples of my video production and post-production work into three main sections.  The vision, skills and creativity required for producing different types of videos vary widely, e.g. drama, commercials and music videos are all handled differently.

These three sections include clips from projects related to:

Section 1: Marketing and Promotion

Section 2: Documentary and Behind the Scenes

Section 3: Performance and Live Events

To help target individual clients, I’ve edited each section into a separate video. This enables me to share each shorter video either individually or across social media to increase awareness of my video production craft skills. I recommend the same approach to all of my clients as it is a cost-effective way of promoting your product, service or skill.

Section 1: Marketing and Promotion16

This section features the quality and diversity of promotional video projects that I have delivered for various artists, individuals, commercial marketing agencies, businesses and charities. Delivering so many high-quality marketing projects means I understand all the many aspects involved in delivering video content, specifically for marketing and promotion.

Section 2: Documentary and Behind the Scenes

During the last few years, I’ve also worked on many short film productions. Some of these were destined for the film festival circuit, and one in which I was involved is even heading to the Cannes film festival this year. Other media production companies have also commissioned my filming and editing skills to help them deliver their own range of documentaries. I’ve also worked as a Digital Image Technician (DIT) with my extensive experience in post-production and digital media management.  Working with other producers and directors, I’ve also managed their film shoot digital media files, ensuring a safe and backed up workflow. In addition to ‘on location’ filming in various interesting places, I’ve also filmed and edited ‘behind the scenes’ footage for commercial shoots both in studios and on location.

Section 3: Performance and Live Events

One of the highlights of 2018 was filming two separate opera productions for Opera Zuid in the Netherlands, working on my own using multiple cameras and liaising with the production teams during rehearsals. As well as filming these and other operatic and theatrical productions, I’ve also utilised my time on location to film some ‘behind the scenes’ footage for them. This enabled me to edit a series of short videos for each of these companies, which have been shared many times on social media to help support their productions during their season. To help support some of the other creatives and artists involved in these productions, I also filmed and edited a series of short interview-based promos that included footage of their particular parts in the main productions. The technical skills required to film these theatrical events with multiple cameras were put to good use again recently when I also filmed a fast-moving dance production with three cameras in one of the studios at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London. Working with other artists and being involved in theatre and performance productions is always tremendously exciting and a real pleasure to observe and capture their creative talents. It’s now a real joy to feature some of these shots in my latest videography showreel.

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