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Workshop promotional film

Working as a freelance filmmaker, I am highly experienced at delivering a wide range of individually tailored short-form films and videos. Previous films that I have produced, filmed and edited have helped many of my clients to communicate their projects, to secure funding or to promote their events. In this case study, I offer a brief overview detailing the production of a workshop promotional film for the security consultancy Marmalade Box.

Estimating film production cost

After confirming my availability for their required filming day, I received a detailed brief with a request to provide an estimated cost for the production of a workshop film. I was provided with a briefing document about the format of the workshop highlighting the importance of the confidential nature of the attendees’ group discussions. On acceptance of my quote, Marmalade Box confirmed the booking with payment of the required 50% deposit.

Filming day

The filming of the workshop group session took place at the Citizen M Hotel at Tower Bridge in London. As usual, I arrived in plenty of time to scope out the selected filming location. As soon as the filming room became available, I was able to set up my filming equipment to best suit the location and project requirements. I fitted a radio microphone to Bruce Hallas (the MD of Marmalade Box) who was leading the workshop and recorded his entire afternoon session. I filmed a variety of wide shots of his presentation and included a selection of close-up shots of the attendees from various angles. This wide range of filmed shots was required to provide variety in the editing process. After the workshop presentation was complete, I filmed some additional footage of Bruce being interviewed.

Editing the film

To start this editing process, I first transcoded all the UHD filmed footage and then backed it all up onto a separate RAID 5 drive to fully protect all the project’s media. The first priority was to review and edit together Bruce’s post-workshop interview which would be the main focus of the film. When this initial edit was in good order, I then viewed all the footage of the workshop group to select some succinct up sound. Once I had edited the body of the film’s audio, I selected the best cutaway workshop shots to paint over the AV edits. Brand logos, titles, textual elements and music were then edited into the film’s timeline. Finally, the film was finely adjusted and trimmed to my satisfaction.

Client edit changes sign-off and delivery

I then sent a copy of this final edit to my client for review. Some detail changes and testimonial additions were then requested. Once I had completed two rounds of these edit adjustments and my client had signed it off, I sent a digital version to their required technical standard. In addition to this main film, my client requested an additional short video which was delivered as part of this project. Increasingly, my clients are looking for more than one version from the filmed media depending on the format of media being used for each project.

Freelance filmmaker

One of the many enjoyable aspects of my role as a freelance filmmaker is working directly with my clients and advising them on how to achieve the best outcome possible for their projects. The quality of this final film is very pleasing as my client was very satisfied with the film’s production process and final deliverables. Among other examples of projects that I have worked on as a freelance filmmaker, that demonstrate my varied filmmaking skills, include ‘Fall Forever‘ (a music video for Ray Grant) and a promotional film for the Ibizan artisan for 3choamano.

If you would like some consultation and creative advice for any upcoming video production or post-production commission, I am always pleased to offer my professional help.