Theatre video production

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Theatrical and stage video production

My stage and theatre video production services and skills enable me to produce, film and edit high-quality video content for any ‘live’ performance or stage production. During my work on previous theatrical production commissions, I’ve collaborated with a wide range of talented people from producers and directors; composers; writers of operas and plays; conductors; musicians; dance choreographers; set designers; costume makers; public relations and marketing teams.

Video production help and advice

Having an extensive background in film and video production, I am always pleased to offer help and advice as required to any production team on the additional specific creative considerations that are required to undertake filming of any project.

Multi-camera stage filming

Having now filmed and edited videos for many theatrical productions with my own multi-camera set-up, I have a wealth of experience in this specialism. As an independent freelancer, I have travelled through the UK and Europe to film some stunning operatic theatre productions with my multiple camera set up. Filming with several different cameras is a very cost-effective way to optimise production values for the creation of filmed records or video promotions for any theatrical or stage event.

Stage video production case study

Recently, I was commissioned to deliver a theatre video production for Charli Eglinton, who had created the concept, book, music and lyrics for ‘Eight’ A Steampunk Opera. This brand new production was independently produced by Charli Eglinton in association with Tête-à-Tête, as part of their Opera Festival 2019 programme. This stage production was sold out for its first night and an extra performance scheduled due to demand which I was then commissioned to film ‘live’.  For this project, I filmed her new 90-minute composition, a blend of musical theatre and opera, with three UHD cameras, strategically placed around a very small stage area.  For high-quality sound, I used a digital audio recorder for the talented cast of singers and also for the sounds of audience participation.  The orchestral backing track, composed by Charli Eglinton, was pre-recorded. From the filming and sound recording, I then edited this short ’highlights’ video using some of the best action shots, songs and music from the stage performance to demonstrate the abilities of this talented team.

Filming stage shows

Working as an independent freelance videographer, I have filmed and edited videos for many theatrical productions. Some examples of these include my work with Opera Zuid, an award-winning touring opera company in the Netherlands. My commissions for Opera Zuid covered two of their opera productions to film their final dress rehearsals with full orchestras. For these filming projects, I used my multi-camera set-up together with high-quality microphones for the sound recordings. Working with Opera Zuid’s production teams, I also filmed separate interviews with some of their creative artists and stage performers. After completing the filming and editing of the footage for each project, I delivered over a dozen individual videos to help promote each of the productions across social media in advance of their touring itinerary throughout a number of different theatres.

 Theatre show videographer

In addition to filming such ‘live’ theatrical performances and stage events, I am also experienced in filming ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage and studio shoots to help promote upcoming productions. Other theatre-related commissions have been by Creative Directors and Producers seeking help and advice on ways to visualise their brief so as to promote their projects to obtain funding for new and further developments.

If you are involved in the production of new material and would like your stage or theatre show to be filmed for publicity purposes, I am always pleased to answer any questions you may have about the process.  Please contact me via my online form, email or telephone so I can offer any initial help or advice with your stage or theatre video production queries.

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